Hello World!

A gracious Namaste from India

We have recently come out of our cocoons to make our presence felt not only here but internationally as well.

Yes, JOVI is going to set its foot on the land of opportunity. After nurturing the caterpillar years in our joyland India, we are maturing into a beautiful butterfly on foreign lands. Starting from a brick and mortar store, JOVI is finally seen in online marketplaces, offline stores and in your wardrobes.

Nurturing JOVI, evolving with it through all these years and emerging as a global brand with it's roots in Jaipur have made me embrace new chances, challenges and realms of wonder.

As we pondered upon the idea of introducing the zest of Indian heritage and ethnic vibe to the western flair and flavour, it affirmed a straight yes! And we topped the cake with some cherries by adding international exports and wholesale deals to this.

A place where we create a mixture of ethnic dresses, modern vibes, gram-positive looks and interpersonal relationships - JOVI has expanded it's branches to JOVI KIDS, KOKOWEAR, BUSINESS BEFORE PLEASURE & HALF MISTAKE. (Read about our brands here)

We represent forever fashion, something that doesn't restrict you to express yourself. We are open for everyone. It's bound to make shoppers happy as there's something special and exotic for each person!

Let's wear something that is woven out of dreams and aspirations.

Jyoti & Vinod. ❤️

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