Manika- The Beaded Bond

The bonds of love, care, and concernare that of the siblings. This Festive season, your admired platform of JOVI India brings to you alluring and eyecatching apparel from our collection Manika - The beaded bond: Manika celebrates those pure, affectionate bonds of love. Made with care, fabricated with fondness, and outlined with finesse, this selection of dresses will win your heart at first glance.

Ambar- The Shades of Blue

The upbeat "Ambar: The Shades of Blue" is unmistakable. With excellent roughness around the neck and waist, it makes for a stunning look. Paired with one-of-a-kind pants, this ensemble creates a pretty sleek silhouette. The scarf, with gotta details and interesting tassels, perfectly marries traditional craftsmanship with contemporary elegance.

Being Nature

Immerse yourself in the essence of nature with our "Being Nature" collection. This line celebrates the quiet beauty of the natural world with effortlessly elegant designs. Made from eco-friendly fabrics, each piece reflects the soothing tones and textures found in nature.

Desi Symphony 6 yards of love

Experience the timeless appeal of "Desi Symphony: 6 Yards of Love." This series celebrates the beauty of conventional draping with lovely sarees that embody beauty and grace. Each saree, crafted with care, showcases difficult information and rich fabric, supplying a great combination of conventional fashion and modern-day sophistication.

Fulwari 2.0

The Flowering Season brings to you yet another bundle of joy!rejoice in the sweet and tempting smell of ripened fruits, feel the cool blowing zephyr and be amazed the colorful sights of mother nature. Feels The Cool breeze and its comfort in every inch. explore the great outdoors and indulge glancing at the sights of butterflies and listening to the chirping of birds. Celebrate the season of fulwari and raseels mithhaas of fruits dressed in jovial, desi apparels from the house of Jovi.

January The Beginning

Step into the new year with the "January: Beginnings Collection," where each piece celebrates new beginnings and timeless elegance. The collection features layered dresses decorated with delicate floral and bold block prints in soft pastels. Each dress is crafted with beautiful hand-finished sleeves and intricate neck details, giving it a sophisticated and unique look Featuring a range of styles from flowing maxis to anti-chic fits, this collection offers customization to suit your style and reflect a new chapter perfectly.


The joy of being a parent. Kiddie snuggles, belly laughs, and memories of their fun-filled playtime. Kids bring that missing liveliness in our life, through their magic as my niece, 'Jiyara' brings into my life. Jiyara inspires me to bring something that adds extra cheer to a kid's life. JOVI India is launching its new collection dedicated to all you lovely dolls. So Mummy be ready as there is nothing better than online shopping in your PJs with a cup of tea when your barbie dolls are napping.


Discover JOVI’s stunning collection of layered clothing, blending bohemian charm with minimalist elegance. Featuring elaborate floral patterns, soft pastels, and vibrant block patterns, each dress creates a unique and sophisticated look. The two shades come in a variety of colors, perfect for any occasion.


The collection where luxury meets you. Each product in this segment is meticulously handcrafted for the sophisticated and discerning individual who appreciates the finer things in life.

Rangrezeethe colourful affair

Dive into the vibrant world of Rangrezz: The Colorful Affair, where every piece is a celebration of vivid hues and dynamic designs. This collection is a dazzling showcase of lively colors and intricate patterns, capturing the essence of joyful elegance. Crafted from luxurious fabrics, each garment boasts a rich palette and detailed craftsmanship, ensuring you stand out in every occasion. From bold, eye-catching designs to exquisite embroidery, Rangrezeeoffers a kaleidoscope of fashion that reflects your vibrant personality. Embrace the colorful affair and let your wardrobe become a canvas of stunning, spirited style.

The Summer Shandy

Update your wardrobe with Summer Shandy, a collection that embodies the carefree spirit of the sunny season. With light and airy fabrics and playful designs, this collection is perfect for those hot summer days. Each piece combines effortless style with ultimate comfort, featuring fun prints and vibrant colors that capture the essence of winter. From alternate outfits to relaxed outfits, Summer Shandy is designed to keep you cool and stylish. Embrace the joy of the season and let your summer style shine brightly with this vibrant collection.

White Tales

Discover the timeless elegance of the White Story Collection, where vintage elegance meets modern sophistication. Embellished with intricate embroidery, delicate lace and elegant prints and pure white anarkali dresses, each piece blends traditional grace with modern style Perfect for any occasion these dresses embrace and offer the purity of white breathtaking beauty makes a lasting impression.