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"Udyam" means "to enterprise" or "business." It's often used to describe entrepreneurial or business activities. It refer to starting a new venture, handling a business, or involving in entrepreneurial activities. In India as part of government initiatives and programs, it aims at promoting entrepreneurship and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). "Udyam Registration Certificate" is associated with the registration process for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in India. This registration can provide various benefits to MSMEs, including access to government schemes, financial assistance, and easier access to credit.



A Goods and Services Tax (GST) certificate is a document allotted by the Government of India to a taxpayer. This authorizes the entity registered under the GST system to start collecting taxes from consumers on behalf of the government. A GST certificate issued to a business serves as proof of its obedience with the country's tax laws. A unique GST Identification Number is provided that outlines the authority of the company.



Trademark act is a legal framework that launched in 1999, forms the rules and regulations regarding the registration, protection, and enforcement of brand tags. It deals with protection and prevention of fraudulent use of trademarks. It also deals with the rights of the owner of the trademark, penalties for infringement, remedies for the dented as well as modes of transmission of the trademark. These laws are in place to protect the rights of individuals and businesses that use trademarks to identify their products or services and to prevent misperception in the marketplace.


 At the core of JOVI India lies our unwavering belief in empowering women, which we consider a crucial element in shaping a brighter future.

 Within our ranks, we proudly employ a remarkable 60-70% female workforce, upon whose wages and families we serve as a keystone. Our commitment extends beyond employment, encompassing skill development initiatives. From managing minute works to handling this business being the founder, JOVI shows to the current market, that how can a women impact the society in numerous positive ways. The unwavering commitment and perseverance exhibited by our remarkable female team members afford us the privilege of presenting these beautiful designs and awe-inspiring & mind blowing creations to the world. 

We extend our utmost respect to those real-life wonder women, whose honed skills now exceed borders and embrace the global marketplace.JOVI India supports all such women and express profound gratitude for their boldness in advocating for themselves. To all you prominent ladies, continue to soar and thrive.