Our Brands

In the captivating interplay of style and sustainability, JOVI is the home where you feel you belong after a long period of wearing unsuitable clothes. We believe in the intricate process of creating outfits that combine simplicity with comfort for your skin.

Rhymes, playtime, homework, and friends—kids are more active than you think. That's why we offer "Work Hard & Dress Harder" for your child—because comfortable and confident kids are winners in life.

Embrace the sass of western and the sanskar of eastern to create a look that's stunning beyond words. KOKOWEAR creates a perfect Shuddha Desi look for you - today and any day! A touch of tradition, a splash of modernity, a spark of contemporary and a series of great looks - that's what KOKOWEAR is all about.

A well-tailored suit is a gentleman's armor. Add some class, vibe and elegance to your everyday clothing with us - be your best version today and tomorrow! Suit up and conquer the world with your impeccable style, comfortable clothing and accessories that add some vibe and elegance to your daily look.

Following the 3Rs - Reuse, Reduce and Recycle is the ongoing trend right now and we haven't let ourselves lag here. Our leftover fabrics are used aptly for creating comfy, breathable and stylish home decors that brighten up your lives and rooms.