Hello World!

A gracious Namaste from India.

After these glorious years working in my homeland India, I'm excited to announce our next venture that'll take place internationally.

Yes, JOVI is going to set its foot on the land of opportunity. After spending quite a lot of years in my nation, I feel it's the apt time to create a fusion of the Indian culture with the western à la mode.

Nurturing JOVI and evolving with it through all these years have made me embrace new chances, challenges and realms of wonder. What could be more exuberant and ecstatic to take it to a global platform?

"Ethnicity meets modernity"- that's my token of welcome to everyone on behalf of the house of JOVI. As I pondered upon the idea of introducing the zest of Indian heritage and ethnic vibe to the western flair and flavour, it affirmed a straight yes!

And now, we present to you our very own website in your country too.

It is open for everyone. It's bound to make shoppers happy as there's something special and exotic for each person!

Each fabric here tells a story of hardwork, sincerety, and honesty. Let's wear something that is woven out of dreams and aspirations.
Jyoti Narayan ❤️



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